New Jersey Institute for Food, Nutrition, and Health

The IFNH mission is to make New Jersey the "Healthy State" ... a model for the nation.

The IFNH Leadership Team. AIA NJ Building Design Merit Award. Dr. Michael Rogers receives IFNH Director’s Award for Scientific Excellence Rendering IFNH new home Interior rendering of the new IFNH Research Commons.

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About The Institute

The New Jersey Institute for Food, Nutrition & Health (IFNH) underscores the commitment of Rutgers University to new transformational initiatives across the many disciplines impacting food, nutrition, and health. The IFNH draws on the strengths of the entire university as it physically co-locates and strategically aligns the diverse competencies and deep capacity of Rutgers to address society’s major unmet needs.

As one of its top priorities, the institute focuses on ways to stem the epidemic rise in childhood obesity and obesity-related disorders such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and cancer. This is particularly important in New Jersey where the childhood obesity rate is among the highest in the nation. Recognizing that many adult diseases have their origins in early childhood, the institute focuses on pre-emptive nutrition and lifestyle changes that can reset health trajectories and offset the increasing costs of healthcare. In this regard, prevention rather than treatment is the strategy of the institute.

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